a children's book by joshua belter
author of the book of rules

Fast Time Constant - Empty.mp3

The music group Fast Time Constant recorded the song "Empty" to accompany the book. Fast Time Constant is the musical duo of Andy Mason and Joshua Belter. The simple message of the song is to "just be yourself". It is our hope that this song and book will inspire children of all ages to have the courage to be themselves.

Andy Mason is an acclaimed children's musician, who has performed at hundreds of schools, libraries, and festivals all over the US and in Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, and Great Britian. Andy is currently working on his latest CD, which will feature the song "Empty". Andy has such a flair with working with young children, and a passion for music and the arts. His creative input helped significantly in the development of the project.

Joshua Belter is the author of both "The Story of a Box" and "The Book of Rules", which is parody Life Rules manual about proper toilet paper placement, wearing socks with sandals, folding towels, and just about everything else in life... with humor. The Book of Rules is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and wherever fine books are sold.
The Book of Rules.

Coming Soon: The music video for the song "Empty". Check back for updates.